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A Christmas Story Movie Party

  • Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz
  • 320 E 6th St
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • December 10, 2016
  • Time: 4:00 PM

Toast the season / chase away dark holiday memories with your favorite beverage in one of Mondo's limited edition GREMLINS Tiki Mugs, designed by artist Michael Bonanno and sculpted by Ramirez Studios. And, when you pick up your mug at the theater, you can also pick up a fruity, delicious tiki drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, up to you), which comes included with your mug!* Available with ticket purchase while supplies last!

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

Even after decades of A CHRISTMAS STORY running on TV pretty much 24/7 for two weeks leading up to Christmas, there's something so magical about this film that we always catch ourselves watching it until the end every time we click past it while channel surfing. But as much fun as it can be to watch this holiday treat on the ol' boob tube, nothing can compare to seeing it projected up on the big screen while being surround by dozens of other fans as awesome as you who all understand how incredibly dangerous it can be to stick your tongue on a metal pole in the winter.

We'll be handing out themed props to use during the show and we'll also get this screening started with a special "You'll Shoot MY Eye Out" game that lets audience members come up to the front of the theater and try to shoot at our poor defenseless host for the night right in his eye! It's okay, though, we'll be using Nerf guns instead of Red Ryder's, so it will only hurt a lot but won't blind anyone.

So wash your mouth out with soap, drink plenty of Ovaltine, and stop by a Chinese restaurant because that's the only other place that will be open, then come on down for a special Movie Party screening of Ralphie's greatest year of Christmas ever!

*One drink per mug, thems the rules.

A Christmas Story Movie Party
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  • Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz