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Be Light : Gongfu Cha, Yoga, & Guided Meditation

  • Activate Austin
  • 2110 White Horse Trail Suite C
  • Austin, TX 78757
  • November 5, 2016
  • Time: 7:00 PM

**Do You wish to strengthen your inner experience of Light?

**To truly connect with all of your senses, both physical and spiritual, to gain access to the Sanctuary within?

**To raise your vibration and become more aware of the collective consciousness?

At Be LIGHT, you will find all this and more! We begin with Gongfu cha, steeping tea mindfully and with reverence, experiencing the unfolding flavors, aromas, and chi. This will stimulate all of our senses and encourage each of us to shift into a deeper relationship with our taste, smell, sight, and feeling.

Then we will transition into Max Meditation Systemâ„¢, a practice of guided meditation that is free of dogma and welcomes all levels of experience. Intended to clear the mind with ease and bring you into a deep, centered state of relaxation that allows you to see clearly within, you will feel the benefits of this practice almost instantly!

Then, after one more tea sitting, we will conclude with a restorative Yin Yoga flow, remaining in that deep, peaceful, and connected place and allowing us to engage with the sacred physicality of our Temple to move, express, and release what is no longer serving us! Open to all levels of experience with Yoga, from the newbie to the yogini!

Please bring your yoga mat and any other accessories you may find useful for your personal practice. And if you do not have a mat, worry not - we have plenty to share!

Energy Exchange: $25

Reserve your space NOW: http://bit.ly/2d747ZZ

Be Light : Gongfu Cha, Yoga, & Guided Meditation