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Bottlecap Mountain

  • One 2 One Bar
  • 1509 S Lamar Blvd Suite 600
  • Austin, TX 78704
  • October 27, 2016
  • Time: 7:00 PM

Time: 7:00pm

Day: Thursday

Doors: 6:30pm

Ages: 21+ Ages

Price: $5

Bottlecap Mountain resembles the well crafted pop music of another generation. Tipping it's hat & tapping it's foot to those that came before while moving it's own way into the future. The group features singer/songwriter Stewart Gersmann, bass player extraordinaire Chris Stangland, trained opera singer Yvonne Love, & The Jungleland drums of Ray Flynt.

Bottlecap Mountain released its debut album in 2014.

New album coming soon!


"Bottlecap Mountain was hatched in an egg behind it's daddy's PA and took it's gentle infant naps on the pillow of the kick drum. It's innate abilities are brandished in a performance that is at once familiar and mysteriously difficult to place. The lyrics are like a shoelace pulling the truth together weaving out to the edge of abstraction before gently settling you in. When it kicks it kicks the door in and when it slows down it makes you wish you were heartbroken ."

-Steve Walsh/Contributing Writer

OVRLD.COM review of Stewart Gersmann's solo album

"The Absurdist" Novemember 2011

Stewart Gersmann was previously the frontman of The Spoiled, a powerful rock band that seemed to really focus on excelling in the lyrics department. This lyrical prowess is still evident in Stewart’s solo work on The Absurdist. With evocative lyrics like: “It’s OK my darling little swine. You don’t have to win all the time.� and “I don’t think it’s treason if it’s done for good reason. But is it?� Stewart expresses the full range of emotions throughout the 9 songs of the LP. On the album, there is also a great range of style. You’ll find soft acoustic songs followed by fast-paced rock and folkier songs. My favorite track off the album right now is “Streetcar� a song that starts soft and then climaxes in the final minute into a grand David Gilmour-esque guitar solo.

Bottlecap Mountain