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Brazilian Family Evening w/ Seu Jacinto

  • Esquina Tango
  • 209 Pedernales St.
  • Austin, TX
  • October 1, 2016
  • Time: 6:00 PM

6:15pm Kids Capoeira with North Austin Capoeira

6:45pm Seu Jacinto kids Coco de Ronda

7:15pm Forró Dance Class for family

7:45pm Seu Jacinto Live!!!

*DJ on breaks

About Seu Jacinto: Based in Austin, Texas, Seu Jacinto is a music group interested in introducing and developing traditional Northeastern Brazilian culture to Central Texas and all over the world.

The group was formed by University of Texas students and the current line-up has musicians from four different countries which diversify and spread their musicality to include many influences from all kinds of music genres.

The work as a grassroots collective has been focused on the traditional regional music forms of Northeastern Brazil, more specifically the state of Pernambuco and surrounding areas. The opportunity to share aspects of Brazilian culture that are generally overshadowed is a wonderful means for us to share our passion with the public, establish a community and add yet more flavor to the area where we live and perform more often.

Our involvement with Brazilian folklore also offers an exploration into its history, which led us to understand that colorful and diverse country, but on our songs we also include many elements from other areas of the globe as Cape Verde and the Caribbean for example.

We are currently preparing original material to record our first record. Keep it posted.

Seu Jacinto is: Gina LaMotte, Tommy Ward, Lauren Rochell, Michael Longoria, Jan Flemming, Mehdi Boudra and Frank Almendra

More info at: http://www.seujacinto.com/

About North Austin Capoeira:


About EsquinaTango: Esquina Tango Cultural Society of Austin is a non-profit 501C3 organization striving to build a vibrant and diverse community in East Austin and beyond through culture, health, and dance, with an emphasis on Latino heritage, recreational tango and other Argentine traditions, fostering personal wellness, and promoting understanding of Latino culture. More about EsquinaTango: http://www.esquinatangoaustin.com 

Brazilian Family Evening w/ Seu Jacinto