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FOGG w/ Sweat Lodge, Malahierba, Love Gang

  • Barracuda
  • 611 E. 7th Street
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • December 10, 2016
  • Time: 9:00 PM

On the 5th stop of the Perros Del Desierto tour, Love Gang from Denver Colorado and Malahierba from Juarez Mexico play with local legends Fogg and Sweat Lodge to bring you a night of heavy jams and good times.


Attention Sabbath worshippers, if you have not heard of FOGG yet you are missing out! Not only do they pray at the altar of the riff, but while many bands attempt it, they sound more like early-70’s era Black Sabbath than almost anyone else out there in their song construction and vocal delivery while bringing a dose of LSD saturated heavy-psych and some of the gnarliest heavy, blown out and explosively fuzzy guitars to have graced these eardrums, in sometime to the table. (Excerpts taken from its psychedelic baby mag)


Sweat Lodge are aptly named, as the sound produced by this Austin TX, vibe tribe is best experienced in a dark, smoke filled room. Eschewing modern tendencies in heavy music to rely on brute force, the group combines epic, technical songwriting with enough neolithic heaviness to keep the cavemen happy. Beginning as a bass/drums/vox trio in summer 2010, the band developed a groove-laden sound that relied on Caleb Dawson’s heavy yet nuanced backbeat and the saturated tone of Austin “The Shock� Shockley's gnarled bass-fuzz, laying the foundation for singer Cody Lee's soaring vocals. This heavy psych/proto metal group is sure to leave you in a haze and wanting more.


A psych/blues power trio from Juarez Mexico, these guys belt out some of the truest, purest heavy blues rock to come from a band of this time. Masters of dynamics, this trio will take you on a peyote trip of fuzzed out blues guitar, driving basslines, and technical drumming that you will never want to end. These guys beautifully blend heavy psych rock, old fashioned delta blues, and Mexican folk music into a beautiful, driving, and refreshingly original experience that is unforgivable. DO NOT MISS!


4-piece heavy rock 'n rollers from Denver, Colorado, Love Gang is an ode to the golden days of rock when amps were loud, hair was long, and the drugs were cheap.

Channelling sounds of psychedelia, blues, space, and prog rock, Love Gang features Kam Wentworth on guitar/vocals, Leo Munoz on organ/flute, bolstered by the driving rhythm section of Grady O'Donnell and Shaun Goodwin; bass and drums respectively.

Formed in September of 2015 Love Gang intends to take all with them and trip out on their heavy acid-dosed riffs, taking you to the deepest, darkest corners of your mind. If you aren't losing your mind yet, you will... don't talk about it, man...DO IT!!!

FOGG w/ Sweat Lodge, Malahierba, Love Gang