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Goldfish w/ Jack LNDN

  • Empire Control Room & Garage
  • 606 East 7th St.
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • November 10, 2016
  • Time: 8:00 PM

Heard Presents

GOLDFISH [LIVE BAND] w/ special guest jackLNDN

“…these two freeform improvisation geniuses from South Africa are a real find. Using classic instruments to bring dance music to life, Dominic Peters and David Poole really are the sh*t.
It’s no wonder that Pacha have them signed up for a residency in Ibiza this summer.
Check out their albums and prepare to be amazed! We Love ‘em!� - DJ Mag

"Sex. But with Saxophones." - headshotkillz

“I couldn’t get their album off my stereo by the pool this Summer� - Pete Tong

‘Their musical class shines through with elements of Nu-Jazz and traditional African Jazz mixing brilliantly with bluesy Café jazz ala St Germain. But they’re no copycats. Goldfish has their own sound and it is wonderfully African with the sophistication of Europe.� – BPM magazine

“GOLDFISH ... store that name in your memory for longer than 3 seconds, cause these guys are going places.� - Thunda.com

“This album shows that heavy jazz cats can make music that is accessible and bursting with groove� - MIO mag

“Did I mention there are only two of them? Go see a live set, and then buy the disc at the show along with the bonus DVD. You will thank me.� - Blunt magazine

Goldfish w/ Jack LNDN
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  • Empire Control Room & Garage