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Karaoke Apocalypse

  • The Highball
  • 1120 S. Lamar Blvd.
  • Austin, TX
  • October 15, 2016
  • Time: 10:00 PM

Splice three parts musical chops and two parts ‘we don’t give a f*ck’ with an unabashed affection for catchy songs in all their cheesy, head-banging, sing-along glory, then turn the whole mess up to 11. That’s Karaoke Apocalypse with The Dead Motley Sex Maidens.

Founded in 2004 by Austin music stalwarts Chepo Pena and Adam Tyner — and rounded out with Chris Nine and Mario Alvarez, the Sex Maidens are Austin’s #1 live karaoke band. And it’s no surprise. These musicians cut their teeth on the best of Austin bands: Sincola, Gomez, David Garza, Pop Unkown, Milton Mapes, Amy Cook (Pena); Nathan Hamilton and Rockland Eagles (Tyner); High Watt Crucifixers (Alvarez); Manhole and Georgian Company (Nine).

With a ever growing catalog of punk, rock, and hair metal classics from the ’70s and ’80s — from “Suffragette City� to “Run to the Hills� to “I Wanna Be Your Dog� and more – the Sex Maidens transform civilians into rock stars in three magic minutes. This is not your sister-in-laws karaoke, unless your sister-in-law happens to be a video vixen. To ensure that Karaoke Apocalypse doesn’t explode into full-blown chaos, the show is (partially) kept on the rails by a bevy of hostesses: Ruby Lamb of Satan’s Cheerleaders fame, the luminous Sarah Clark of Pearlescent, Stella from pop-punk legends Cruiserweight, and author/Rollergirl Melicious.


Karaoke Apocalypse