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Longriver & Travis Champ

  • Hole in the Wall
  • 2538 Guadalupe St.
  • Austin, TX 78705
  • December 18, 2016
  • Time: 8:00 PM

As 2016 draws to a close and the ever-present haze of 2017 looms nearby, Longriver and Travis Champ, fresh off their Western tour, are setting out for the Midwest, South and remaining coast of the United States before the year expires. The songwriters, hailing from Austin and Oregon respectively, seek to showcase the darkness and light of American country, blues, and folk present on their 2015 releases. Longriver’s eponymous debut and Champ’s highly acclaimed This Western Road (with former band The Cedar Shakes) have mesmerized and impressed audiences in seemingly “no time at all,� to borrow the title from Longriver’s album opener. Longriver and Travis Champ will be performing in Austin at Hole in the Wall on December 18.


Longriver was born David Longoria (The Black, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead) in Houston, Texas. He is a singer, songwriter, and poet living in Austin. Influenced by the songs of Bob Dylan, Charley Patton, John Fahey, Rolling Stones, Hank Williams, etc., Longriver plays guitar and harmonica.

“In his former quartet the Black, David Longoria unraveled a Dylan-esque twang and rolling lyrics bursting through a rockabilly energy. Now, the Austin songwriter and poet Longriver turns towards an intimate folk. The intricate guitar work that highlighted last year’s demos and cassette-only debut hearkened John Fahey as Longriver spins mesmerizing acoustic soundscapes.� – Austin Chronicle

Travis Champ:

Travis Champ is a poet and songwriter from the remote town of Nehalem, Oregon, formerly of The Cedar Shakes and publisher of Abandon Press. Travis Champ is a cowboy and a folk singer. Champ’s baritone drawl and campfire strumming makes his songs immediately familiar and is that aural wallpaper to go with the belt buckle you found in a thrift store driving through Idaho and the boots you bought that time you went to Austin.

“The vision of the recently founded label, Whatbang Records, is as eloquent as it is promising claiming to produce ‘Independent Cosmic American and Experimental Country on 12″ and 7″ vinyl.’ Sounds too good to be true. The first LP from The Cedar Shakes eliminates any doubts, however, as to whether that promise is grandiose. (4 out 5 Stars)� – Rolling Stone Germany

Longriver & Travis Champ