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NaadBrahma & Echoes of Silence

  • Hyde Park Theatre
  • 511 W. 43rd Street
  • Austin, TX
  • October 16, 2016
  • Time: 4:30 PM

NaadBrahma & Echoes of Silence Teams are excited to present a second showing of -

NaadBrahma - An instrumental exploration


Echoes of Silence - An introspective theatre experience

Naad-Brahma - is Austin's own instrumental ensemble that takes the audience on an innovative journey of Naad - the cosmic sound. This unique travel thru time, sailing away along the different genres of music, explores the Universal music. Join us to immerse yourselves in this melodious blend of music from across the globe! The band recently debuted at Austin Marathi Mandal's signature cultural event - Avishkar and received an overwhelming response!

Echoes of Silence - is a short, silent act that tackles the subject of abuse that women face. The silence transcends all communication barriers and brings out the feeling of shame and suppression associated with the subject. It is presented in the form of group theater, that underlines the apathy of society.

The recent performance in Austin on behalf of Austin Performing Arts Club, was very well received and sparked some relevant conversations. Since that is the objective of any performance based on a social issue, Echoes of Silence proved to be a success at every level.

NaadBrahma & Echoes of Silence