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THEA Tangents Record Release Party w/ DELI, Obsolete Machines

  • The North Door
  • 502 Brushy St.
  • Austin, TX 78702
  • November 11, 2016
  • Time: 8:00 PM

Thea Picard is a North Carolinian musician currently residing in Austin, TX. An experienced singer, she started writing music in her early twenties working solo until May 2016 when she recorded her first fully produced 6-track album titled, Tangents. The album takes 6 songs from a 2015 project called "365 songs" where she wrote a song a day for an entire year. After completing her 365th song she met her producer, Etan Sekons of Battlebend Studios, who helped her successfully complete a Kickstarter campaign to fund the album. She finds her inspiration in her dreams and in genres not limited to soul, blues, jazz, and pop.

Deli Neblett is a multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville TN. Her music is, to borrow a phrase, a surrealistic pillow, a soothing place for the physical weight of one's head while supporting the stream of visions excited in the listener's relaxed, unconscious mind. Fans of Linda Perhacs "Parallelograms" album will find much to love about deli's beautiful voice and her remarkable facility with melodic counterpoint and counter rhythm.

As bath salts have become considered a new and revolutionary drug, turning the recipient into a face devouring animal. So to, uh, has become, the latest incarnation of Obsolete Machines. Choose your drug wisely. So, after all that, if you want to know our names, Ill tell you if you ask nicely. Adam Diener..keys, sampler, vocals. Mike Hidalgo.. Drums Shanna Teresinski... Vocals and percussions. We make music that has been called many things... And genres are hard to define, but we keep hearing pop, punk, electronic... We are from Austin. And we dont just make music, we also make stop motion videos to project behind and over us while we play our sweet melodies for you. Any questions? Love Obsolete Machines

THEA Tangents Record Release Party w/ DELI, Obsolete Machines