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Trae's Punk Rock Lotto

  • The Sidewinder
  • 715 Red River
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • December 16, 2016
  • Time: 7:00 PM

It's that time again to get together and write some jams!!! My favorite time of year.

This is the 6th year of the Punk Rock Lottery and every year gets better and better and if you've never participated in it or been to the show then you're missing out. Can you believe it's the 6th one already!!!

The Lottery starts with drawing names randomly from a pile and forming a band starting with the drummer then the bass player, then the guitar players and then the singers. Once the names are put together the band is created and you have 5 weeks to create a band name, 5 songs, and 1 cover song. All music must be in some genre of PUNK, Oi, Hardcore, thrash, etc... On the day of the show we will draw the band names randomly to see who plays 1st, 2nd,etc... and who will close out the show. The shows are a blast and it's always exciting to hear what each band has to offer. The band who comes up with the best logo and band name will get to choose what slot they want to play in. Band names must be turned in by December 2nd.

Drawing for the bands is on Monday November 14th at Bull McCabe's....all are welcome to attend! So get involved and/or spread the word.


Trae's Punk Rock Lotto