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Ugly Art Salon

  • Indra's Awarehouse
  • 7904 FM 969
  • Austin , TX
  • December 16, 2016
  • Time: 8:00 PM

An Open Stage for Performance Art

Theatre in the Round

Come one, come all! Come to perform or experience dance, movement, color and creation. Snack on delectables. Drink the nectars of the Gods. Partake of the tubes of the octopus, and relax on the cushions of the Big Tent for the ugliest, the strangest, the the most unbelievable performances never seen. Some will wow you, some will move you, some may even leave you confused. Welcome! Welcome to the magic of spontaneity, the chaos of collaboration!

Leave your pretentions at the door.

$5 in costume, $10 otherwise.

Due to the layout, space is limited. To ensure yourself a spot, http://uglyartsalon.bpt.me/

We'll give ya $5 back from pre-sale if you show up in costume!

If you have questions about what is available at the space/ have a performance that requires prior prep-time, please text Bre at 970-222-2624 or email at LetYourMindRunBre@gmail.com.

**Please note that if you have not contacted ahead of time and your performance requires more in-depth preparation than the space can handle night of, we may ask you to save it for another day**

Ugly Art Salon