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Veracruz All Natural

  • 1704 E Cesar Chavez
  • Austin, TX 78702
  • Tel: (512) 981-1760

Healthy, natural ingredients. Always fresh. We also serve 100% fresh and organic fruit juices & smoothies! Our migas taco was featured in Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine's March issue as one of the best tacos in the country. "Migas from Tacos Veracruz: Tender, thick homemade corn tortillas are a worthy base for any of their tacos, but the migas are what to order here. Bits of crunched up fried corn tortilla are soaked in a jalapeño-laced avocado salsa until just barely softened then tossed with still-soft lightly scrambled, melted Jack-style cheese, and chopped tomato. Flavored crunchy tortilla wrapped in soft tortilla makes for a satisfyingly hearty breakfast."