Keep warm this fall with a cocktail or two from some of the best bars around Austin.

Drink.Well: This cozy gastropub offers eclectic food and innovative cocktails like the mescal heavy Churn & Burn and the Groundskeeper Willie, a gin soaked creation with blackberry and thyme.

The Townsend: A high-end bar offering modern cocktails and small plates in an intimate setting. Live music and events fill the calendar each month.

Cocktail from The Townsend
Cocktail from The Townsend.

Craftsman: Located in my new favorite part of town, sip on spiced sangria or a pumpkin spiced mimosa outside on the wraparound porch that's part of this 1920s house.

Golden Goose: Still 80 degrees outside? (Its Texas after all.) Check out their frozen Moscow Mule. And be sure to bring some quarters for the vintage jukebox.

Rhino Room: This friendly east side lounge, located next to popular spot Shangri-La, specializes in classic martinis. Check out the Southern Love (Deep Eddy Ruby Red and Lemon, Angostura Bitters, Soda, Sprite) or the Frisky Whiskey (Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Sweet & Sour, Simple Syrup, Float Red Wine).