The Austin Asian American Film Festival's Online Shorts Festival will take place June 11-17, 2020. The virtual festival will be held in lieu of the regularly planned 12th annual festival next month. AAAFF 2020—with in-person screenings and a slate of feature films—is currently postponed to late fall, pending health and safety updates. AAAFF shares filmmakers’ unique voices to create a forum where viewers can come together to experience this wide array of Asian American Pacific Islander perspectives. 

Still for 2020 Online Shorts Fest by Austin Asian American Film Festival

The AAAFF 2020 Online Shorts Festival Lineup includes the following films:


  • ANG MERON SA WALA (BEYOND NOTHING) (Philippines, dirs. Arby and Tin) 
  • BETWEEN THE NOTES (U.S./Taiwan, dir. Jordan Hwang) 
  • CHUNYUN (China, dir. Jonathan Bregel)
  • FARMING SLOWLY (U.S., dir. Anthony Newen) 
  • GAY AS IN HAPPY: A QUEER ANTI-TRAGEDY (Canada, dir. Jordana Valerie Allen-Shim) 
  • SOMA (U.S., dir. Peter Trinh) 
  • TRANSPLANT (China/U.S., dir. Zheyu Liang) 
  • UNSPOKEN (U.S., dir. Patrick G. Lee) 
  • YAI NIN (U.S./Thailand, dir. Champ Ensminger) 


  • AIDA (IN BETWEEN) (U.S., dir. Christopher W. Graham)
  • AWAKEN (U.S., dir. Leena Pendharkar
  • BITTER MELONS (U.S., dir. Thavary Krouch)
  • BODHI (Singapore, dir. Png Zhen Yu)
  • FAMILY STORY (Indonesia, dir. Rendro Aryo)
  • FOR MY MONOLIDDED GIRLS (U.S., dir. Anna Tran)
  • HALWA (U.S., dirs. Gayatri Bajpai and Nirav Bhakta)
  • I KILLED A PERSON (Iran, dir. Nima Aghakhani)
  • LOTUS (U.S., dir. Beibei Xu)
  • MAGIC KINGDOM (U.S., dir. Nelson Ng Chak Hei)
  • MALAKOUT (Iran, dir. Farnoosh Abedi)
  • MIRROR (U.S., dir. Christina Yoon)
  • MOONWALK WITH ME (U.S., dir. So Young Shelly Yo)
  • OUR HOME HERE (U.S., dir. Angela Chen)
  • OVER THE HILL (U.S., dir. Jason Chao)
  • PASSAGE (India, dir. Askari Kumar)
  • PIECES & BITS (U.S., dir. Bo Nawacharee)
  • PUSSY TALK (U.S., dir. Kim Tran)
  • SERIOUS LEES (Canada, dir. Krista Jang)
  • STILL TRYING (U.S., dir. Nicole N. Nequinto)
  • TAIWANESE CHA CHA CHA (Taiwan, dir. Judie Yang)
  • THE HEAVY BURDEN (Turkey, dir. Yilmaz Özdil)
  • THE MASK FROM HOME (U.S., dir. Jordan Hwang)
  • THINGS WE CARRY (South Korea, dir. Bo Yoon Ha) 
  • WHEN SUMMER COMES (U.S., dir. Jiwon Uhm)
  • WORTH (Canada/Pakistan, dir. Meelad Moaphi)

Virtual Events

  • “Have You Eaten Yet?” the AAAFF Game Show (Co-hosted by Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP) – Austin Chapter) - Friday, June 12th, from 7:30-9:00pm CT live-streaming on the AAAFF Facebook page

  • Homeschool with G-Su (Presented by Y’all We Asian) - Saturday, June 13th, from 8:05-8:50pm CT on the ColdTowne Theater Twitch Stream

  • Online Shorts Festival Closing Party (Presented by GivePulse) - Wednesday, June 17th, from 7:00-10:00pm CT - Time and platform TBD

Still for 2020 Online Shorts Fest by Austin Asian American Film Festival


Admittance is available with purchase of the full series ($11.99; virtual access to all shorts for the duration of the online festival) or tickets to individual programming “blocks” ($2.99 each; virtual access to the shorts in the “block” for the duration of the online festival).

Series passes are on sale now at, while individual short film blocks will be available for purchase June 11-17.