For those that are used to the 300-days-a-year sunshine that Austin provides, the time change and cold winter weather can often lead to a slower change of pace that keeps you stuck inside. Even though you may be more confined to the indoors, the frigid temperatures doesn't mean you're curbed to your couch. Here are a few ideas of ways to keep things active indoors:

Practicing Side Plank Pose at Yoga Yoga
Peaceful workouts at Yoga Yoga.

  • iFly Austin: For the real thrill-seekers, check out this new indoor sky-diving location by yourself or with some friends. This state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel provides a safe way to experience human flight, and they market to people ages 3 to 103. If you bring a 103 year old to dive, you automatically win (in my book).

  • Bowling: The true indoor athletes sport, bowling is one of my favorite group activities, and Austin sports some trendy space to do so. Check out Main Event for a broad range of other activities (like lazer tag), the classic Westgate Lanes, or The Goodnight if you'd like to multi-task working up a sweat over cocktails.

  • Indoor Cycling: For the truly ambitious indoor athlete, places such as RIDE Austin, Cyc Fitness and Love Cycling are guaranteed to burn hundreds of calories while you sweat to trendy tunes. If you are actually looking to maintain your energy indoors, this is the place to be.

  • Yoga: Austin loves this activity year-round, but kick-starting your winter routine with some of our renowned facilities is a great way to feel the tranquility of the outdoors indoors. Places such as Black Swan Yoga, Wanderlust, Yoga Yoga and more are great places to explore.

How do you switch up your workout or outdoor routine in the brief Austin winter months? Let us know with #TrueAustin on Twitter and Instagram @VisitAustinTX!