Don’t know how to beat the heat this summer? Chill out with some of the coolest treats in Austin!

Ice Cream

Woman holding ice cream in front of Holla Mode truck

Holla Mode
This food trailer brings Thailand to Austin. Thai-style ice cream is made by pouring liquid ingredients onto a surface of -30°F. Once frozen in a thin layer, the ice cream is scraped into rolls and garnished with your topping of choice.

Gourmet ice cream and freshly baked cookies team up to make these delicious ice cream sandwiches. Choose between 12 cookies and 16 ice cream flavors to stack up a custom treat.

Amy’s Ice Creams
In the mood for a classic scoop? Take a trip to one of the 12 Amy’s locations across town. Build your own signature flavor with their crush’ns (toppings) or try their famous Mexican vanilla as is.


Jim Jim’s Water Ice
If you’re from the north you might be familiar with water ice. This Italian treat combines fresh fruit and other ingredients with a quick freeze - creating soft, velvety textured ice. Grab a cup in their storefront or at the carts outside of the Barton Springs and Deep Eddy Pools.

Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs
You won’t find corn syrup in this family-run snowball stand. Casey’s cooks up more than 70 flavors in house with pure cane sugar. They also maintain their authentic New Orleans-style with homemade chocolate and cream syrups.

Chilly Cocktails

Strawberry Social Ice Pop from 77 Degrees.
Strawberry Social Ice Pop. Courtesy of 77 Degrees.

Social Ice Pops
Who says popsicles are for kids? The rooftop bar 77 Degrees has created wine-infused ice pops in favorite cocktail flavors like strawberry daiquiri, mimosa orange, and classic margarita.

Frozen Beer
The jelly beer at Sway is a drink and an experience all wrapped into one. Bottles are chilled in a special freezer, creating a beer slushy. The herbal and lemon flavor components of Singha beer makes this frozen version just that much more refreshing.

Feeling fancy? The lounge at Hotel San Jose serves up their famous frozen Rosé with lemon. This sweet summery treat is delicious and pretty, and will bring you as much joy as those childhood Slurpees did.

Frozen Foods

Blenders and Bowls
You don’t have to feel guilty while enjoying chilly treats! If you want a healthier option, Blenders and Bowls serves up smoothies and Acaí bowls daily. Not only will these treats cool you off, they’ll fill you with nutrients and energy.  

Austin’s only frozen banana stand is has revolutionized the art of dessert. Choose between three dips and a food truck full of toppings. It’s easy to pick from their signature creations or flavor of the week, but if you’re feeling creative, see what special combo you can dream up! Bring friends too, and play a round of Bananagrams while you snack.

Whether you stop in a store or at a food truck, there are tons of places to grab something refreshing and cool around Austin this summer. Let us know which treats you like to chill out with!

Contributed by Visit Austin Marketing Communications Intern Jenna McCann.