Nearly a decade after booking its first act in 2006, Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF) has become a renowned festival that produces more than just great music. It is a blend of music and comedy with a splash of action sports and art. And, of course, no Austin festival is complete without 17 of the finest food vendors bringing their A-game. Taking place November 6-8 at Vic Mathias Shores (formerly named Auditorium Shores), the three-day weekend will be stacked with musicians, comedians, wrestlers and all the food imaginable.

Fun Fun Fun Fest
Fun Fun Fun Fest. Photo courtesy of Matt Hogan.

One of the unique factors that Transmission Events created to make FFF stand out is that it is the only genre-based festival in the United States. By creating a lineup that only features musicians in hip-hop, metal, hardcore punk, indie rock and electronica genres, it creates a much more powerful atmosphere by bringing together festival-goers with similar interests.

Among the great artists in this year's lineup are a few of Austin's own musical favorites including Keeper, Ringo Deathstarr, SURVIVE, American Sharks, East Cameron Folkcore, Future Death, and Think No Think. Get ready now folks, it's going to be a fun festival!

Contributed by Harrison Holt, Music Marketing Intern