I'll be honest; I'm all about comfort food. And I'm especially lucky because there are few better places to find really good vegetarian comfort food than here in Austin. In today's day and age, it isn't that difficult to find at least one vegetarian option at most restaurants, but the best part about Austin is that many restaurants have multiple creative options for vegetarians, vegans or gluten-freers.

Earlier this week my search for the best local grilled cheese led my friends and I to a relatively new spot over in East Austin called Haymaker. Haymaker features classic East Side vibes mixed with a modern sports-bar type setting (darts anyone?) and a big list of Texas beers and locally-inspired drinks. How about an Eastside Heat or 78722 Rita?

Courtesy of Haymaker.

Haymaker boasts a menu of regionally inspired comfort sandwiches and my taste buds were certainly comforted by the margherita grilled cheese. I loved that the sandwich was dressed up with tasty homemade basil-pecan pesto and then the waitress gave a great recommendation for the sweet potato waffle fries. But let's be honest, the best part about comfort food is really taste-bud comforting dessert, and with a name like Fluffenutty Cristo, you know is has to be good. This was a perfect dessert to share; a fluffy fried peanut butter sandwich with plenty of sweet marshmallowy goodness. Head over to the reinfused East Side with a good group of friends for a comfort sandwich (vegetarian or meat-friendly!) and characteristic Austin vibes.

Contributed by Christine Felton, ACVB Marketing Intern.