Welcome to Austin! This summer I'll be your camp counselor and tour guide for all things summer-related in the ATX. School is finally out and I'm moving up the food chain - people just have to respect that. I'm also way proud to be an Austinite. I play volleyball and lacrosse and if Instagram was a sport I would leave you in my dust.

Anyway, I am going to spend my time this summer blogging about my camp experiences and things to do in and around my hometown.

Camp Longhorn at Barton Springs. Photo Courtesy of Sydney Chase.
Austin blogger getting a jump on her summer at Barton Springs Pool!

First up is Camp Longhorn in Burnet, Texas where you can hang out in the Hill Country for two weeks of swimming, horseback riding, blob jumping, archery, shooting and just super fun times. Kids from all over the U.S. come to this camp and to many others in the area. My camp is one of the oldest in Texas and my grandma was also a counselor there many, many, many years ago (let me be perfectly clear: I mean pre-internet). Parents: Make sure to spend a few nights in Austin when dropping off or picking up your kids because you need to treat yourself to a little fun, too. Attawaytogo! (Google that for a translation).

When I get back to Austin, I'm signed up for many other fun camps yes, my parents both work, so they like to keep me busy. I have an urban photography class at the Contemporary Austin; stand-up comedy camp at the historic Paramount Theater; scary filmmaking classes at the Austin Film Society/Austin Studios; filmmaking 101 with the Austin Film Festival (watch out Mr. Robert Rodriguez!); and finally, a horseback riding camp at Texas Trail Rides. Be sure to check out the tours and events happening at many of the camp locations, and get a taste of the cool culture being created!

Sydney Toes. Photo Courtesy of Sydney Chase.

Sydney Chase is an active Austinite, 7th-grader and local volleyball and lacrosse player. Follow her Austin summer-camp journey for great ideas on how to have the best local experience with your family and young friends while in Austin!