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20%-off any hourly photo booth purchase

Mention this promotion to SAVE 20% on a Quick Draw experience. Our interactive photo booth is unlike any other in the world. We combine photography with portraiture with karaoke with improvisation and wrap it all up into around 3 minutes. For more info on how this works please visit our website.

  • 2211-A Hidalgo St.
  • Phone: (512) 731-7124
  • Region: *N/A
  • Categories: Photographers/Photographic Services, Entertainment

The routine is similar to automated booths: sit, pose, FLASH! But our photographer is alive and hidden behind the camera -jesting away while "developing" photos in under 3 minutes. This "development" is actually a fast drawing of each photo onto a filmstrip offered as a keepsake. They're hand-drawn photo booth portraits! The real photos are also available online after the event so guests can admire their beauty in more ways than one. Other photo booths can't do half of what we do! In addition to capturing your stunning likeness, we'll be sure to reproduce your aura, spirit animal, pheromones, and even your stink lines. It's a performance! Watch through a window as your chosen photographer draws while continuing to entertain: Jean-Pierre (the French Artist), Telemachus (the Friendly Cowboy), Patty Paranoid (the British Punk Rocker), or make a request and we will develop a personality as unique as your event. Perfect at Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, etc. more>