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    iThe writing is on the wall! It's also on the floor, in the pages of texts that influence our thoughts, on the tongues of political and religious leaders, and everyone in between! Words can be powerful in their spoken and written forms, and can be used to state simple facts, express emotion, end a war or start a revolution. In the exhibition, ¡Se Ha Dicho! (It has been said) two connotations of the saying take shape-- the first being an emphatic declaration clarifying that no repetition is needed, akin to "I said what I said." The second meaning could be used at the beginning of a tale passed down from generation to generation, meaning "Once upon a time." ¡Se Ha Dicho! explores the power of words in art and everyday lives of Hispanic and Latinx communities, whether emulating the rallying speech of a community organizer, the soothing rhythm of a lullaby shared from mother to daughter, or an astute connection scribbled in the margins of a book. The work presented here is a celebration of the power of a community with deep and diverse stories to tell, as we live with the daily-learned lesson of just how much words matter.

    September 20 - October 24

    Reception October 2, 2:00-4:00pm

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