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    Every memoir offers glimpses into the complex world and consciousness of another human being. But how can you take those husks of experience we call memory and transform them into a compelling narrative?

    The impulse to share our experience with others is universal. But for a story to have “legs,” it must possess an internal anatomy that arises organically rather than artificially. So how do you craft the bones your memoir needs to not only stand up to reader scrutiny but genuinely stand out?
    In this three-hour workshop, you will learn:
    Why A to Z chronology doesn’t suit all narratives
    How form is like “skin” and how to choose/create the best one for your “bones”
    The does and don’ts of backstory and flashback
    The importance of scene-craft and sectioning
    Structuring strategies (such as storyboarding and “plotting the big W”)
    Why tense matters

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