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    Lydia Street Gallery will be opening for a new exhibition
    November 12 - December 23rd.

    This show is titled "The Maximalists" and features Brooke MacKenzie and Jennifer Prichard.

    The works of the ceramicist, Jennifer Prichard, and the painter, Brooke MacKenzie, are both devoted to excess. For Prichard, this means intricate thousand-piece sculptures and clay slabs that maximize color in all its richness and depth. For MacKenzie, it means otherworldly canvases that teem with pattern, color, and energy. By juxtaposing the work of these very different artists, "The Maximalists" examines the role played by an artist's sensibility, whatever the medium they choose, in understanding their work.

    We will be having a reception on December 4 from 5-8pm.

    Visiting throughout the week is by appointment only and the weekends are public from 12-5pm.

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