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    Are you ready to write that screenplay that’s been on your mind?

    As a sought after screenwriter, Owen Egerton has written for the biggest studios and scrappiest indies, crafting humor, horror, thrillers, and animated screenplays. In this course, Egerton takes you through the process of creating a compelling, tantalizing, and overall ass kicking screenplay. What makes a screenplay work? How do you hook an audience? What makes for an emotional and thrilling narrative ride? The class covers hatching the idea, outlining the plot, understanding the 3-Act structure, and filling the pages with thrills, chills, laughs, and movie magic! Perfect for writers venturing into their first screenplay or more experienced screenwriters looking for new insights and inspiration.

    You’ve always wanted to write a screenplay but weren’t sure where to start.
    You’re looking to sharpen your screenplay skills.
    You’re looking for some inspiration and new ways to look at narrative structure.
    You like movies and/or books and/or short, bearded redheads.

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