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    Don't Feed The Plants!

    Due to COVID-19, Zilker Theatre Productions has decided to postpone Mamma Mia! By postponing, we will be able give this show the production value it deserves – and that you have come to expect from a Zilker summer musical!

    However, there is plenty to look forward to this summer! ZTP is excited to announce its 2021 summer event – Little Shop of Horrors. The show runs from July 9 through August 14 and is, as always, FREE to the public.

    While we are excited to bring free musical theatre to the Austin community again, we will be taking every possible precaution to keep our guests safe. That includes capping our audience size each night, requiring advanced reservations, moving our donations online, and other safety protocols as determined by ZTP and the city of Austin.

    Our first and most important concern is always the safety of our community. As such, there are still many moving parts of this production, and we may have to make changes as we get closer to our event or even during the run. To stay informed, please continue to visit our website, zilker.org, where we will be posting all information and announcements regarding this show.

    We are grateful for your continued patience as we work hard to give the community a bright, but safe, spot of fun and community spirit!

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