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    Teatro Vivo Presents the 2024 Austin Latinx New Play Festival! There are 4 plays in the festival, each play will be presented one time. The plays are as follows:

    “Pray for the Notary” by Mia Gomez-Reyes
    APRIL 25TH @ 7 PM
    When Maria Benavides Ramirez dies, her six children find themselves under the same roof once again, and it’s driving them all mad. Worse yet, they cannot find the will. The siblings begin their search, remembering special moments with their mother and with each other, until the unexpected comes and they must reckon with not the family they wish they were, but the family they are. Pray for the Notary explores the complications of grief, jealousy, loneliness, and what it means to truly be a family.

    “As Long As You Remember” by Christian Jacob Ramón
    APRIL 26TH @ 7 PM
    A struggling filmmaker returns to his hometown in the Rio Grande Valley to shoot a documentary film about his grandfather, a childhood survivor of a historic train accident. But as the process begins, he encounters a host of unexpected challenges and frictions–including his grandfather’s declining mental state, his extended family’s growing resistance, and his strained relationship with his own father–all while a suppressed trauma of his own begins to resurface. As Long As You Remember is a hybrid documentary/fictional play about memory, generational trauma, the stories that define us, and ultimately, the bond between fathers and sons.

    “ZAPATA: A Folklorico Superhero Musical”
    APRIL 27TH @ 1 PM
    Xochitl is just a kid who doesn’t understand why she moves from place to place. A dancer at heart, Xochitl really wants to join the school ballet folklorico dance team, but her mother, Ofelia, has other ideas for her: school, studying, and eventually an Ivy League college. Xochitl, always being so interested in her Mexican culture, is continuously pushed by her mom to forget where she came from – for multiple reasons. After a performance goes wrong at the local Dia de Los Muertos celebration, an old enemy finds a powerless Ofelia and captures her. Once Xochitl finds out about the disappearance, a talking, family chihuahua reveals the family history and the origin of Zapata. If Xochitl wants to save her mom and defeat Helado, she must seek out the first mariachi, El Charro, who can help her harness her powers and learn the traditional dances of Mexico.

    “La protesta de los reyes magos” by Jorge E. Santiago O’Neill
    APRIL 27TH @ 7 PM
    After centuries of delivering gifts in Latin American countries for the Epiphany on January 6, the Wise Men face a modern struggle to connect with children because they feel overshadowed by Santa Claus’ appeal. The Wise Men devise a plan to gain popularity in Latin America and the world. This is a comedy about a Christmas story in modern Latin American societies and communities of Latinx in the United States. We explore culture, diversity, identity, religion, the meaning of Christmas, among other themes. Above all, we just want to have an excuse to celebrate Christmas all year long!

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