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    Join the Austin Chamber Music Center for a live music performance of A Charlie Brown Christmas, featuring all of your favorite tunes from the holiday classic and more! Returning to the stage to perform these iconic pieces by Vince Guaraldi are pianist Michelle Schumann, bassist Utah Hamrick, and drummer David Sierra. Bring your family to this Austin tradition and get in the holiday spirit! For details, please visit https://austinchambermusic.org/.../a-charlie-brown.../. Tickets available at AustinTheatre.org.

    A season of musical risks, adventures, and revelations. Join the Austin Chamber Music Center as we explore how composers have jumped out of their comfort zones to encourage creativity, ingenuity, relationships, and the unknown! Spurred on by their ambitions for growth and sense of adventure, our composers this season will demonstrate how they burst through boundaries to build a style that was wholly unique and unchartered. For more information, season packages, and individual tickets, please visit https://austinchambermusic.org/concert-season/.

    This concert is part of the Austin Chamber Music Center’s 2022–2023 Season: Big Fish, Bigger Pond. For tickets and more information, please visit https://austinchambermusic.org/concert-season/.

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