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    In an undisclosed location deep in the woods, a blindfolded stranger arrives to join an earnest team counting ballots from a recent election. Little by little, identities are uncovered, loyalties are tested, and lunch is served. But will it be too late to make a difference in the election?

    This dark comedy is directed by Will Gibson Douglas, and stars Natalie Garcia, Jason Graf, Jennifer Jennings, Kelsey Mazak, and Mike Ooi.

    The creative team features Company Management by Jennifer A. Anderson; Stage Management by Mirari Porras; Lighting Design by Amy Lewis; Costume Design by Mela Robinson; Scenic Design by EnHaus Design; Technical Director Daniel Hernandez; Sound Design by Craig Brock; Props by Kaitlyn Hartnagel; Vote Tabulation Device designed & executed by Lisa Ashby; Audio Engineer Owen Aleman; House Manager Laura DiCristofano.

    Tickets are on sale now at http://bit.ly/jpblast

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