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    A community event, where hired actors, actresses and a narrator, will read aloud a screenplay. Interested screenwriters, directors, artists, fiscal sponsors, and members of the ATX community can partake in the essence of Chinwe Okorie’s second-rising short film, "Elephant!"

    This event will be held on the virtual platform, Zoom.

    Event components are as follows:

    Crew Introduction - Welcoming our audience(s) & affirming our qualifications as filmmakers and as creatives. A moment to get to know Chinwe and learn more about the mission for her upcoming short film. In addition to how she hopes her film will add value to the ATX and mental health communities.

    Table read - an organized reading of the screenplay conducted by the cast around a table.

    Screening of Elephant’s concept trailer - A special showing of the concept trailer as a part of the film’s upcoming production.

    Q&A: A brief engagement with an adolescent mental health specialist/psychiatrist connecting art to mental healing. Followed by an interactive closing for guests to ask Chinwe questions about production & post-production phases of Elephant.

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