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    University of Texas’ 1960s film club, Cinema 40, laid the groundwork for Austin’s contemporary film scene. Cinema 40 founder Gregg Barrios joins us for a program looking back at the essential chapters of Cinema 40’s history, including its avant garde influences and relationships with counter-culture icons like Jim Morrison and Andy Warhol.

    Films from the Cinema 40 Archive
    November 7
    Various, 100 min. DCP restorations of the original 16mm and 8mm material
    Jim Morrison (THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER) and Andy Warhol (PORTRAIT OF TED O’NEILL) donated these original short films to Cinema 40 for their archive. Restorations of the films will screen alongside original works by Gregg Barrios made during that period, featuring on campus Vietnam protests and UT visits from Jonas Mekas and Allen Ginsburg. Introduction by Gregg Barrios.

    Films in this program:
    Gregg Barrios’ FLOWER POWER TRILOGY and BOYS OF NEW YORK, Jim Morrison’s THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER, Andy Warhol’s PORTRAIT OF TED O’NEIL (from ****).

    Orson Welles, USA, 1942, DCP, 88 min.
    November 14, November 16, November 17
    Orson Welles’ name was little known by Austin film students in the 1960s until Peter Bogdanovich wrote about the director in Cahiers du Cinema. Cinema 40 organized a retrospective, and were surprised by this film, which is infamous for being taken away from Welles by RKO and re-edited, but maintains many of Welles’ brilliant ideas. 11/14 screening introduced by Gregg Barrios.

    Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1967, DCP, 95 min.
    November 21
    Godard was venerated by the Cinema 40 crowd, who convinced the director to come on his only known Texas visit in 1967. Gregg Barrios will discuss memories from that visit prior to a screening of the film Godard brought along with him, LA CHINOISE, made during the height of the Maoist debate. Introduction by Gregg Barrios.

    Patron Saints of Cinema 40
    November 27
    Four seminal short avant garde films that drew a line in the sand for 1960s film students: UN CHIEN ANDALOU (Luis Buñuel), MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON (Maya Deren), UN CHANT D’AMOUR (Jean Genet) and SCORPIO RISING (Kenneth Anger). Introduction by Gregg Barrios.

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