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    “My work addresses conservation, consumerism, notions of value and attachment through sculpture and installation made from already existing materials.
    I've used thousands of discarded bike tubes, zillions of salvaged Mylar strips from mailing envelopes, dozens of yards of recycled City water pipe, hundreds of dead trees, shards of dried mud or twisty vines to create works that ask the viewer to reconsider what is meaningful.”
    -Amy Scofield
    Amy Scofield has no shortage of materials at her disposal. She uses our detritus to create intuitively inspired works of magic. Starting first with the material, she sits with it, plays with it, moves, contorts and struggles with it. It is not necessarily an easy process, or fun, in her words. This is not the pleasure part of art for her. But driven she is to create. And we the viewers are the lucky recipients.
    Amy has more than one kind of artistic drive though. Her artistic pleasure often comes out of her strolls or bike rides, listening to her inner guidance as to what route she takes. Go left down this alley. Stop here. Look down. Look over your shoulder. Pick up this stick. She is keenly listening and obeys. It may end with having gotten a bit of exercise. It may end with a photograph of a shadow. It may begin in the alley and end in a field lighting matches.
    Join us at Lydia Street Gallery to relish in Amy’s newest creations (and a few of her older pieces as well) and explorations for her first solo exhibition.

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