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    Explore An Enemy of the People with Mark Pellegrino (of television's Supernatural and Lost) as Dr. Tomas Stockman in a staged reading of Henrik Ibsen’s play of an ordinary man who rises to confront his entire town.

    Adapted by Richard Nelson, we explore Ibsen’s story of a scientist who becomes an extremist for the truth. Flanked by conflict and comedy, Dr. Stockman and his family confront his brother, a conservative mayor, as well as townsfolk who would rather simply take the middle-of-the-road.

    The cast of characters each portray a spectrum of responses in the face of misinformation. This timely story will have you laughing and gasping as Tomas discovers what he must do to reach for his own happy ending.

    Only four (4) performances over this one, single weekend! Get your tickets today!

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