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    Set in the Louisiana State Penitentiary (aka “Angola”), true stories - told by those directly affected by incarceration - inspire a satirical, yet grounded, look at our judicial system and the prison industrial complex. Told from the perspective of the people who inhabit its walls, Angola explores the minutiae of prison life and its relation to present day America.
    Directed by Ryan Darbonne & Frank Netscher (“Express Yourself”).

    Starring Joseph Juarez, Will Sitters, Yola Lu, Tauri Laws-Phillips, Kevin Anderson, Nathan Sowell, Stephanie Vasquez Fonseca, Quinn Buckner, Keylan Haynes and Lisa Michelle Jackson.

    Each night features a different guest speaker sharing personal stories of incarceration, with a portion of proceeds going to criminal justice nonprofits. See https://www.facebook.com/AngolaATX for full line-up.

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