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    In the gallery this month, feast your eyes on the digital collages of Andrea Alfaro and the ink drawings of Chris Martino.

    Together they offer us many reasons to smile and reflect, riddles coexisting and colliding, wrapping our brains in mysterious splendor.

    The dynamic duo provide us with this map of what to expect:

    horses riding cats
    cats riding horses
    imaginary wilderness
    cats talking on landlines
    cats and horses

    To select a viewing appointment on either Sept. 19th or October 3rd, please visit our website: www.collectionrert.org

    Each 30-minute appointment slot can accommodate up to 6 people who will be viewing the exhibit from 2 different windows outside of the gallery, providing ample space to each other and wearing masks to respect everyone's safety.

    If you would like to set up a different viewing time, contact us: info@collectionrert.org

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