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    Join us as we close out this year’s Mayor’s Book Club with a journey through the history of the Austin Public Library! With our new Central Library now open, we'll revisit the former beating heart of the library system, the John Henry Faulk Library. Our little trip through time includes...

    - Austin History Center Executive Director Mike Miller taking us through some of the library’s big milestones, explaining how we ended up with the robust, innovative library system we enjoy today.
    - Austin Public Library Director Roosevelt Weeks sharing the library’s biggest achievements in 2019 and plans for 2020.
    - Literature Live’s Ellen Scott remembering APL’s drill team. (That’s right! Librarians dancing with book carts—at the competitive level!)
    - And long-time Austin native Peggy Pickle will share her story of growing up in the Austin Public Library, back when the city’s only branch was our current Austin History Center.
    - Plus beer, wine, and refreshments!

    Presented by The Library Foundation, Austin Public Library, and the Austin History Center. The Library Foundation is the Austin nonprofit dedicated to supporting and advancing the projects and initiatives of the Austin Public Library.

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