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    Not only has a global pandemic hit our lives, but there has also been an awakening after the killing of George Floyd and other members of the Black and Latinx communities. People have started to protest police brutality, demand restorations, and fight for equity and the end of systemic racism in the United States. In light of these events, we are always curious about how artists keep creating, how the current events have affected their practice, and what message and dreams they have for the future.

    This exhibition is divided into 3 parts:
    Online Exhibition at La Peña’s website.
    In-person exhibition at La Peña Gallery on 227 Congress Avenue.
    Series of video interviews that will be published for the duration of the exhibit.

    Participating Artists:
    Alondra Acosta • JC Amorrortu • Ana Borne • Constanza Cameron
    The Death Head • Naxieli Gomez • Ambray Gonzales
    Suzy Gonzalez • Susan Holland • Carlos Lowry • Felicia Morin
    Andrew Morris • Fernando Muñoz • Maia Muñoz • Angela Navarro
    Kelly Daniela Norris • Verónica Ortegón • Sandra Pomeleo-Fowler
    Deshawn Washington • Liliana Wilson • Wolf Garden • La Printeria

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