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    Lydia Street Gallery is proud to present internationally acclaimed photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s first US exhibition of “Ameriguns” & “Toy Stories”. The portraits in both “The Ameriguns” and “Toy Stories” are displayed in sharp contrast yet both convey people's love, comfort, and pride in their collections. The people in these images are from all walks of life, with no particular political party, race, culture, or gender in favor. Ameriguns and Toy Stories deliver striking images exploring the timely issues of gun culture and the impact of modern inequalities on children.

    In the series “Toy Stories,” Galimberti photographs children with their first possessions, noting the influence of their caretakers, socioeconomic status, and culture. Galimberti has observed that kids in rural and urban areas seem to differ in how possessive they are with their toys. Children raised in the countryside seem more carefree, perhaps, as he suspected, from having more freedom, fresh air, and/or having less possessions in general. Kids raised in cities, however, who spend more time indoors alone, are more reticent in allowing him to see, touch, or photograph their prizes. Those with few (if any) toys were, interestingly, the least possessive.

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