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    Learn firsthand the processes, inspiration, and techniques of artists Bernie Diaz and Katie Conley.

    Bernie Diaz manipulates words and images to create assemblages that redirect and obscure origins. Incorporating historical processes of revision, omission, and embellishment, he creates glyph-like arrangements that seek completeness from fragmentation. His process involves scavenging, cutting, layering, and rearranging materials to achieve a sense of completeness from seemingly unrelated parts informed by his ongoing identity formation as a border-dwelling, queer, Tejano.

    Katie Conley's exhibit "Parts to Whole" is a collection of collages meticulously crafted from postage stamps. Each intricate detail plays a vital role in the larger design and is the result of hours of careful consideration. Testing the size, shape, color, and subject matter of each stamp, Katie Conley ensures harmony in every composition, often surprising viewers with her sourced material.

    All Julia C. Butridge Gallery events are free and open to all.

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