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    Learn firsthand the processes, inspiration, and techniques of artists Kaelyn Provost, Natasha Kanevski, and Danika Ostrowski.

    Kaelyn Provost experiments with figures, abstraction, and light. Using oil paint, pastels, and assemblage, Kaelyn’s work acts as a representation of our physical and spiritual bodies. Abstract elements are formed from magnified details of the body, while figures are depicted with unique colors and values. Some pieces feature exposed white canvas, symbolizing the inner light that connects our body, mind, and soul to foster wellness and balance. Through this vibrant expression, the artist emphasizes grace, compassion, and self-love, highlighting personal worth beyond excessive productivity and internalized limiting beliefs.

    Natasha Kanevski creates monochromatic abstract sculptures on canvas using large rough strokes and course sculptural elements. Her work reflects the roughness, wrinkles, irregularities, and cracks that emphasize humanity, revealing essence, delicacy, purity, completeness, and the fact that we are infinitely beautiful in our fragility and mortality. We are simple, imperfect, and impermanent. Just as we do not have to be perfect, smooth, or precisely fitted, artwork does not have to be done with delicate invisible strokes.

    Danika Ostrowski creates larger-than-life paintings of the vast and diverse landscapes of Texas. From rugged Big Bend to the rolling Hill Country, her vibrant scenes capture the essence of the Lone Star State.

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