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    Alexis Hunter (@m00n_daddy) was born in Seattle, Washington in 1992. She is a multidisciplinary artist, graduating in 2022 with a BFA in Studio Art from Texas State University. Her minor is in African American Studies. She currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.

    About the artist:
    Hunter’s studio practice uses drawing, sculpture, painting, and performance as a means to explore the classification of Other. Alexis is well acquainted with the role of the Other due to her biracial background. She has checked the “other” box when classifying her race her entire life. Her work highlights the threshold between Black and white cultures she exists in. To have each work be an authentic expression of herself, Alexis incorporates personal materials and instruments, like her hair, in her paintings and drawings. She employs abstract figuration in typical social scenes to further communicate feelings of tension and unfamiliarity, providing an intimate look into her insecurities as an outsider. Through this vulnerability, Alexis can better understand herself and her identity.

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