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    Welcome to Reality Collapse, a world between realities where the otherworldly and the mundane meet, where fragments of adjacent realities phase into our own, and where feats of acrobatic, dance, and aerial mastery fly around large scale art and audiences of humans and non-humans alike. Join us at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas on September 30th for a day of cutting-edge circus shows, world-renowned electronic music, and immersive art experiences where full immersion begins before you even step foot inside.

    Here, the lines between the physical and virtual worlds blur as you explore the boundaries of your own imagination at our two high tech circus shows at 5pm and 9pm. With indoor drone shows, AR/VR experiences, unique fashion and gadget vendors, interactive art installations, and a dance party lasting all night, you'll find something to shift your perspective at every turn. In order to maintain our synchronization with this reality, we strongly encourage guests to dress for interdimensional travel. Underprepared travelers are likely to be mistaken for NPCs (Non-Partying Characters).

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