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    On Black Sheep, Austin Meade delivers songs and stories that, like the young singer/guitarist himself, are contradictory yet cohesive. His influences—musical and otherwise—are as varied and rich as the small-town Texas soil that nurtured his talent, yielding 12 stellar songs ranging from the insinuating groove of "Déjà vu" to the frenetic punk-country blast of "Happier Alone" to the introspective folk-pop of "Waves" and the soulful, bluesy title track. Throughout Black Sheep, Meade explores themes of identity, individuality, love, and loss, drawing on personal experiences and observations with a sharp eye and a wry sense of humor.

    Meade's musical style is rooted in classic rock, blues, and country, but he infuses these influences with his own modern sensibility and a willingness to experiment with different sounds and textures. His guitar playing is dynamic and expressive, ranging from delicate fingerpicking to searing solos, and his vocals are raw and emotive, conveying a wide range of emotions with ease.

    Despite his young age, Meade is already a seasoned performer, having toured extensively and shared stages with a diverse array of artists, from Cody Jinks to ZZ Top. He brings this experience and confidence to his live shows, which are electrifying and unpredictable, featuring blistering guitar solos, sing-along choruses, and unexpected covers.

    With Black Sheep, Austin Meade has cemented his status as one of the most exciting young artists in Americana and rock music today, and his future looks bright as he continues to evolve and push the boundaries of his craft.

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