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    The Austin Open Mic Musician Show began its inaugural series on May 7, 2024.  The first two productions were held at the Pavilion at Givens Park. We had to reschedule the remaining shows at a new venue. We are pleased to announce the final three productions will be held at Kenny Dorhams Backyard.  

    The first season of the show is focused on emerging solo singer-songwriter acts performing their own original material.

    There are 4 preliminary shows that are traditional open mics where artists sign up to perform for 12 minutes when they arrive.  Our format allows for 12 performances.  We will have a wait list, if we have time left after the first 12 performers finish, we will get to as many performers on the waitlist as we can. This show will allow the participants to engage with, learn from, and mentor other songwriters and musicians. Performers will be able to engage with the audience directly to build connections and reach new fans.

    Five performers will be selected from the preliminary Open Mic shows to perform at the final show as a showcase. Each performer at the final showcase will perform a 25 minute set and be paid for their performance. Future seasons of The Show will expand to include larger acts. In this first season, emphasis is being made on solo acts to maximize the budget and equity of payment to performers. The scope of The Show will expand as future budgets allow.

    First two shows were held at Givens Park, then we moved to Kenny Dorhams

    Open Mic:
    Wed, May 29  6pm - 9pm
    Tue, June 4    6pm - 9pm
    Signups will be in-person at 5:30pm

    Sat  July 13  6pm - 9pm

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