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    Bad Girls Upset by the Truth is a 'honky-tonk opera' created by the greatest Texas songwriter you've never heard of! This one-woman show follows small-town Texan Jo Carol as she seeks answers to life's burning questions, like when she asks Jesus: "What are these boys for and what am I supposed to do with them?!" But rather than set her on a path of righteousness, the response she receives from on high leads to a series of adventures that disturb all who love her!

    In 1989 at 45 years old, Jo Carol Pierce, a social worker in Austin, Texas who had never performed her music outside her living room, stitched together songs she'd been writing for years with a series of monologues to tell a wild and surprising bildungsroman about growing up in Lubbock. Celebrating 30 years since the creation of Bad Girls Upset by the Truth, director Marea Colombo and actor Lauren Meckel are reviving this fantastic piece of southwestern cult theatre!

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