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    Experience a fusion of hatha and kundalini practices to balance and align your chakras. This will encourage the release of blocked energies and create a harmony that nurtures physical and emotional well-being. We'll use pranayama (breath work), traditional hatha poses, kundalini kriya, meditation, and a variety of soothing sounds.
    - The Hatha based Chakra Movements will stimulate Kundalini, and charge and release blocks.
    - The Kundalini Kriya will continue to clear any stuck energy throughout the chakras.
    - A guided chakra meditation will move you through the rainbow bridge with visualizations and sounds taking you along the journey towards peace and quiet, enveloped in sweet bliss.
    Suitable for all levels.
    This specially curated practice will bring awareness, stimulation, and soothing to all the energetic circles in the body to bring you back to a state of balance of mind and body. Allowing you to open up, release, and tap into the You of You, your Divine core.

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