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    Through the consciousness-raising hip hop music of the 1980s, Arturo Hernandez of El Paso became Artson, an award-winning emcee/singer/composer. Weaving hip hop dance and music together with lyrical images and powerful messages from Native American philosophy, Artson goes on a journey to create his seventh album and tour music festivals nationwide.

    This screening of THE MAKING OF BRAVE STAR is part of BBoy City XXV, Austin’s annual competitive breaking convocation. There will be breaking battles: Crew vs. Crew, Bboy/Bgirl (1 vs 1), Young City (ages 5-15), and Freestyle (1 vs 1). There are cash prizes and the winner of the Bboy/Bgirl battle will be flown to BBoy City Taipei to represent the US.DJs from Portland, Arizona, Houston, and Austin.
    September 21-22, 2019 @ 2pm until closing.
    Venue: North Door (502 Brushy Street).

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