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    Join us for the opening reception of Bending Light, a group exhibition.
    “Light travels in waves. Like ripples in the ocean, light can bend around obstacles if needed. This bending is known as diffraction.”

    Bending Light is an exhibition of four Texas-based artists who navigate the intricacies of Black femininity and queer identity and self discovery through material explorations in light, color, space, and time.

    Artists Kaima Marie Akarue, Ciara Elle Bryant, Cat Martinez, and Chandrika Metivier use light and space as tools to disrupt expectations and illuminate new possibilities of Black futures. Through video, photography, collage, and sculpture, these artists fracture space, diffract light and diffuse energy to interrogate our physical and social surroundings and unchallenged assumptions. The work invites viewers to pause and look closer, bending around preconceived expectations and illuminating the nuanced experiences and collective memories of queerness and femininity in Black cultural production.

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