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    The Texas Rangers have been unique figures in law enforcement since 1823. Throughout their long tenure, the rangers have provided security, military, and investigative functions in Texas. Often portrayed as larger-than-life in popular culture, the rangers have earned both admiration and criticism for their actions as a policing arm of Texas.

    Beyond the Badge: The Work and Records of Texas Rangers highlights the official records and other resources about the rangers available at TSLAC. The exhibit features records dating back to the 1800s, when rangers were citizens hired on a temporary basis to protect the frontier, up to their current role as employees of the Texas Department of Public Safety. We invite you to explore this exhibit to learn where in the State Archives to find details about the 200-year history of the legendary Texas Rangers.

    TSLAC regularly exhibits treasures from its collections in the lobby of the Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building. We encourage you to visit to see these pieces of history for yourself at 1201 Brazos Street inside the Capitol Complex in Austin.

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