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    Beyond the Clouds is a site dance performance that takes place on Blue Lapis Light’s three acre property. This dance work is a poignant reflection on our individual and collective energies during these times. Days become a passageway into despair and isolation but it is also a powerful time for growth and change, to recognize our humanity to one another as well as our responsibility to our beautiful earth. There is no more illusion or hype anymore. All is visible, as when a dam breaks and the waters rush through, flowing and moving and unleashing in great momentum and freedom. And then it becomes our choice as to what we do with it.

    Beyond the Clouds is inspired by the many who have dedicated themselves to peace and uplifting others and who had the courage to walk with truth even when the risks were great. Dance connects us and through movement provides a way to reveal complexities of emotions and reactions in our lives and to events that are happening all around us. Performers include 10 dancers on 5x4x4 stands and 2 aerialists on standing rigs.

    It is through the arts that the world accesses its collective memory of what has been lost, buried and forgotten. It offers an emotional vision of a world transformed and is a gift of solace and beauty in the midst of harsh and brutal conditions and is a visual poetic and sound experience that touches the commonality of our humanity.

    ~Sally Jacques, Artistic Director

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